Large 80cm Crow bird repeller


The plastic bird repeller Crow is designed to perfectly mimic the shape, size ratio and color of a real flying crow.

When suspended in the air, it serves as a powerful deterrent, scaring away unwanted birds with its realistic appearance and movement. Crow repellent is a humane and environmentally friendly method of deterring birds or animals that effectively protects your garden without harming birds or animals.

Reliable: The presence of this bird of prey replica can be a powerful visual deterrent to smaller birds, including pigeons, sparrows and gulls. It takes advantage of their natural fear of predators to keep them away. The combination of the crow repeller, together with a sound repeller, protects your yard, balcony more effectively today!

• Easy installation and maintenance: Once installed, minimal maintenance is required to keep the decoy working as a deterrent and is an effective solution for people who want to protect their plants and property from birds and rodents. It is made of weather resistant plastic. It mimics a real predator very well, effectively deterring unwanted animals.

• Highly effective - essential for deterring birds, rodents and other small mammals, thus effectively protecting your plants and property. The combination of the crow repeller, together with a sound repeller, more effectively protects your yard, balcony... today!

• Aesthetically pleasing and realistic Looking for an effective way to protect your plants and property from birds and rodents? Our artificial crow is a product that will meet your expectations.

• Flexible - The crow can be hung from a branch or balcony using a rope with a fixing ring, both of which are included in the kit. The product will also perform well if you place it on the ground. A crow with outstretched wings, thanks to its impressive size, repels very effectively birds such as starlings and pigeons. It is made of very durable and recycled plastic, resistant to bad weather conditions and UV radiation.

It faithfully imitates a real, large crow - both in appearance and size - protecting trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens and grass from birds eating in the garden or plot. It also helps keep buildings, roofs, balconies, windowsills and ponds clean.

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