Car accessories


Car Accessories are the extra features that have been added or the user wants to add up to look the car more attractive and user friendly.

These extra items do not come along with the new car while purchasing from the manufacturer. Weak design feature of the car forces immediate purchasing of car accessories.

Besides, from time to time, new technology arrives with more utility inventions; they also necessitate adding the accessories.

With the change in attitude, policy of the company and due public demand, today's car accessories may become integral part of the car tomorrow. Sometimes, legislation of the country also mandates installing a few specified car accessories. 

There exist lot many other accessories. Availability may vary from place to place. Brake light, Neon headlights, Window films, Radar Detectors, Remote locking and security system, Seat covers, Steering cover, Reading light, Extra horn, Reverse musical horn, Front crash guard, Luggage carrier, Fog lights, Halogen bulbs with cut outs, Rear view mirror, Bumper protector etc. adds to the list of car accessories.