GPS/GSM Trackers

Real-Time GPS Tracking System:

A Real Time GPS Tracking system has a built-in connection to the internet so you can log-on and see where the device is and check most current location as well as the history from anywhere in the world.

  • The advantage is that you can locate a Car or person at any time and see their driving history without going to the car to get the device.
  • The only disadvantage is that there is a monthly fee for the cellular communication service.

This is a good solution to monitor in real-time a suspicious car and be able to catch it at anytime.

GPS Locators Tracking Solutions:

There is no "one size fits all" solution that will be best for everybody. Depending on your needs one GPS Tracking System may be a better fit for you.

  • Business owners with a fleet of vehicles will have more confidence as they are briefed on the location of their employees.
  • Families can be assured that their loved ones are safe when they travel away from home.
  • Real time tracking can even assist law enforcement in recovering your stolen vehicle. Are your vehicles safe? Find out with a GPS Tracker. 

Why people use GPS Tracking Devices:

When suspicions arise about a vehicle, make sure one of our Vehicle Logging Units goes along for the ride!

  • Track a vehicle to the nearest address
  • Determine how long the vehicle remained at any given destination
  • Provide details of suspicious activities

- Is your child really going to the library? Or, is he or she going to a party where there will be underage drinking and drugs available? - Was your spouse actually working late? A GPS Tracker is a surefire way to document your loved one's whereabouts. - Unsure of where employees are taking your company car? Stop employee abuse of company cars or trucks - lower high gas costs.

In many cases, Tracking Devices will provide solutions to your needs.

Child Tracking Devices, GPS Trackers, & Personal Family GPS Locators

All children tend to wander and a Child locator or GPS Tracker and now the NEW GPS Tracking Phones  is an invaluable tool for parents because in the blink of an eye, kids can disappear. In conjunction with strong parental supervision, help parents keep track of their children in especially crowded or hectic situations.

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Vehicle Tracking Device Systems are electronic devices that enable vehicle owners or third parties to track the location of a vehicle or cargo. Using GPS to allow for easy and accurate location of the vehicle, vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or tracking software. Vehicle tracking systems have also become increasingly popular in consumer vehicles as a theft prevention and retrieval device. Police can simply follow the signal emitted by the tracking system and locate the stolen vehicle. As an added bonus, the existence of vehicle tracking device is said to lower insurance cost since the risk of no recovery theft dramatically decreases.

If you're looking to track the activities of your employees, family, or elderly people, twe can offer you tiny battery operated GPS Tracking devices will let you know exactly where the person is, how long they've been there, how many stops they've made, and what route they traveled anywhere in the world.

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems save your business time, money, and help you manage your important assets including materials, employees, and vehicles. Fleet Tracking lets you effectively monitor and manage your entire fleet from a single computer. This helps businesses increase efficiency and decrease extraneous costs such as extra fuel or idle time.

We offer different devices  for both real-time and logging that can be used for long overseas journeysor other uses to track vehicles, assets and individuals.

The International GPS Tracking systems that would suit the needs of our international clients offering a full range of real-time tracking capabilities. No matter where in the world your assets travel to, rest assured that you can keep a close watch on everything while in motion across the ocean, to waiting around in the desert or jungle, alerting you for long time depends the battery used or if there is costant electricity.

The devices we offer for our international clients utilize either Google Maps, or Microsoft Virtual Earth to display vehicle locations.

There are, as we explained, two forms of GPS Tracking, real-time and logging. Real-time tracking devices can be hardwired into a vehicle, or operated for extended periods of time with battery power. These devices give you real-time locations of your vehicle as it travels.

Loggers are devices that are placed on the vehicle you wish to have tracked, but can only remain on the vehicle for limited periods of time due to battery limitations. In order to access the information about the GPS positions of the vehicle, you must retrieve the device from the vehicle and download the data onto your computer in order to view the vehicle information. Loggers can be used internationally without activation fees and monthly service charges.





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