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Bird Spray Repeller

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Bird Spray Repeller

Bird Repellent Liquid Spray

The bird repellent spray through odor, repels birds (pigeons etc), from the balconies and all the outdoors and does not allow to come again because of the scent

Ideal for outdoors as grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, fast food, grills where food attracts birds like a magnet.

The bird repellent spray protects in all the above places from the bird's shit but also balconies, patios, railings, windows, outdoor cabinets, concrete places, air-conditioners, hand rails, boats, tents and dozens of other places.

Lasts 15 daysand the application is realy working.

Use only outdoors. Ready to use as a spray.

Before use is good to clean the places you will spray. If rains you should repeat the spraying. For winter and summer.

Read carefully the instructions on the packaging.


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