Flying bird repellent hawk

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Flying repellent hawk: Made of hard plastic (there are dimensions in the photos)

The flying waterproof hawk is made of hard plastic, realistic as a design

It protects the garden, the balcony, the roof-terrace, a small area of ​​cultivation from pigeons, crows and smaller birds-small animals without harming them.

The slightest movement of the wind makes the hawk realistic and this scares the birds and rodents.

All of the above are prey for birds of prey, which is why hawks are afraid.

The waterproof hawk is also effective in repelling harmful small animals and birds as well as rodents that damage gardens, orchards, vineyards, meadows, yards, roofs, balconies, terraces, etc.

Combining the hawk with an electronic bird repellent device significantly increases efficiency and reduces the repulsive time of harmful birds.

The hawk is sturdy and waterproof, suitable for all weather conditions.

In one of the photos you will find another way of fastening, which you can make with a hanger. (This wire is NOT included) !!!

Caution: Although the repellents we supply are considered to be some of the best in the world in terms of money and performance, in many cases some of these devices may not be 100% efficient.

It may also take some time for there to be results.

The reasons are many!

For example, dirt or nests for birds or animals remind them that this is their home.

In order for any devices to work, the premises must be cleaned as best as possible.

Also in places where there is food of any kind or water, the birds at the risk of their lives will return to feed regardless of whether the machines bother them!

Birds are also very intelligent and accustomed to different devices, so a combination of methods may be necessary! I

n most of our products we list the properties and characteristics given to us by the manufacturer.

For what we have a personal opinion, we correct the characteristics.

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