Outdoor Solar Ultrasonic and sonic Bird Pest Repeller

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This Sonic Ultrasonic bird repeller  is widely used in orchards, vegetables, ponds, farmland, woods, airports….

Construction sites and other places, easy to install, do not charge, easy to use

All birds are effective, no harm to poultry, humans.  


Triple bird drive is: Ultrasonic + voice + red and blue burst light strobe. This triple effect will repel birds from a radius of about 100 meters.

Drive off the birds Quick from large areas.

This bird device is for outdoor use, solar powered. Without light the battery continues to drive the machine which will repel birds.

-Driving bird ways: By Ultrasonic or voice (Use digital voice technology to play birds with scared sounds to drive birds) or LED light (Red and blue light alternately flashes).

Basic parameters

1. Battery voltage: DC12V5AH

2. Ultrasonic frequency: 16khz-30khz

3. Ultrasonic sound pressure: 120db

4. Sound decibels: 120db

5. Current: ultrasonic 20mA

6. Voice current: 600mA

7. Light current: 30mA

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