Power Balance Bracelet

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Power Balance Bracelet

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The new power band balance bracelets have taken the world by storm. Everyone from Christiano Ronaldo to Shaquelle O’Neill is wearing them. Ordinary people, seasoned athletes and celebrities are saying that they have made a huge difference to their lives, not only on the sports field but in their daily lives. Recently Kloe Kardashian made a statement saying that she wears one and that her husband NBA basketball player Lamar Odom never goes on the court without one. According to the many testimonials they help your balance and core strength. Athletes say that they feel their balance is a lot better when they are wearing them and that their energy levels are higher. Professionals such as Firemen and Army Special Force operators say they help you in every way that’s physically possible. Normal everyday people say that they feel physically and mentally better with Power Balance bands on.

The bands help you maintain peak performance by keeping your energies in balance. The special hologram on the bracelet helps to balance your energies. The people at power balance claim that almost everything has an energy field and that you and I are no different. They say that the hologram on the bracelet interacts with your energy fields to harmonise your field and ensure that you can give your maximum. The hologram is from the same material that is used to keep static electricity from damaging electrical components and is embedded with a special frequency to balance your body.

Of course there are sceptics, with so many high profile athletes claiming that these bracelets are miracle workers there’s bound to be sceptics. Many people claim its merely the Placebo affect at full force.

In my opinion whether its placebo or they actually work anything that gives you the edge is worthwhile. Ill let you make your own decision!

Made to last, this durable, 100% Surgical Grade Silicone wristband can go anywhere you do. Made with a stretch feature that extends easily over your hand, you will love the style and comfort it provides.

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