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Cellphone Listening Devices
It is not always that these equipments are used by professional investigators, but it can also be used by anyone with a purpose. One of such devices is the cell phone. Cellphones are a necessity today. Almost all of us have it today. Hence, it becomes really very easy to spy using this device. Now, these spy cellphones come either as a separate equipment or is in-built in a cellphone. Can be ideal to track any one. What happens is, the person who is spying will call on an alternate number which connects to a bug inside the cellphone, and once this happens you can easily listen to the person you are spying on.

Phone Bugs
These are probably the most popular and the best wireless spy listening devices. You must have seen it in movies, the spy agent leaves a small device in the car and following them from behind he is able to hear the entire conversation. This small device is known as a bug. A bug can look like anything. It can be a lighter, a wrist watch, clock, etc. The best part about this device is that you can not only listen to the conversation but you can also record it at the same time. Hence, gives you the freedom to store the proof. Few of the advance bugs come with specialized recorders, which records voice only when on phone or while talking. Hence, it does not record all that unwanted silence.

Spy Microphone
Another most useful and commonest of spy listening devices. Few of the modern spy microphones are much smaller and advanced than ever. Few of these come with super-sensors, which allows them to listen to the minutest of voice vibration with exceptional voice clarity. And there are few others, which come with instruments allowing them to listen many yards away.

Spy Watch
This one falls under the category of wearable spying devices. The best part about this spy device is that, it doesn't look like one. You can also gift it to the person whom you want to spy on, and then listen to his/her conversations. These have got exceptional voice quality because of the microprocessors, which are fit into the device and are long lasting.

Parabolic Ear Listening Device
It's one of the most used listening devices. It comes in different varieties and shapes. The sound clarity is noteworthy within permissible limits. The devices works in a simple way, you just need to point it at the direction where your suspect is and listen. A few of the devices will let you listen clearly from a distance of few yards to hundreds of meters. There are few devices which allow you to listen sharply from as far as 600 meters! I would say this is an ideal spy surveillance equipment. 

So this was a small list of spy gear listening devices. There are many other products available out there depending upon your purpose. If you're a professional, then you may get professional spy listening devices, otherwise, you may indulge in saving a lot by getting a decent and more generic listening device or get a spy gear for kids. So the next time if someone gifts you a watch, make sure that it's not one of those spy listening devices.


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