How many panels will I need?

Guide to working out how many panels you will need

Picture showing a panel with the dimensions - 580 x 450HEATKEEPER Panels are suitable for all sizes of radiator. The dimensions of the panel are 580mm high x 450mm wide x 8mm deep.

To help you work out how many panels you need here is a simple method, and a more complicated calculation which may allow you to get away with fewer panels.

The simple method

The average radiator needs 2 to 2½ panels. Simply multiply the number of radiators in your house by 2 or 2½ and choose the appropriate pack size (see below).

The more complicated method

Measure the height and width of your radiators. Add up the total width in cm and divide by 45. Round up the answer to the next whole number. This gives the total number of panels required as long as none of your radiators is over 60cm high. If you have tall radiators you will need to double the number of panels needed for each one over 60 cm (or treble it if you have any radiators over 118cm). Once you have calculated how many panels you need choose the appropriate pack size (see below).

Pack Sizes available:

  • 5-panel pack (2-3 average size radiators)
  • 10-panel pack (4-5 average size radiators)
  • 20-panel pack (8-10 average size radiators)

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