Efficient Heating

Efficient Heating

Question: How can I make my central heating more efficient?

Answer: Get your radiators to work harder for you.

How a heating system works - in plain language

The average household central heating system is really quite simple. The boiler, fired generally by gas, electricity or oil, heats water which is circulated by means of a pump to the radiators in the home. The water is hot when it leaves the boiler. With good lagging of the pipes between the boiler and the radiator it reaches the radiator hot too. But what happens then?

The problem with radiators is that they are attached to walls

If they were placed in the middle of the room half the heat would go one way and half the other and more of the room would feel warmer. But attached to the walls only the half of the radiator facing out into the room is effective and for the heat to reach the other side of the room it has to travel a fair distance. Much of the rest of the heat is lost into the wall behind the radiator. Some of the heat escapes above the radiator, curling up the wall and along the ceiling, stratifying there until gradually being absorbed into the fabric of the ceiling itself.

Shows the heat lost from a radiator without Heatkeeper panels compared to radiator with panels

Thermal imaging-external wall

This is a thermal image taken from outside the building. The yellow columns are windows. The red/orange block between the windows on the left is a wall with a radiator without radiator panels fitted. The two blue blocks to the right of this are walls with radiators and with radiator panels fitted. The conclusion is that the parts of the wall with the radiator panels fitted are not emitting heat from the building.

Question: So how can I get more from my radiators and so make my heating systems more efficient and economical?

Answer: Fit HEATKEEPER Energy Saving Radiator Panels to all the radiators in your home.

The panels work in three ways to make radiators more efficient at delivering heat to the room:

  1. Shows the heat lost from a radiator without Heatkeeper panels compared to radiator with panelsThey form a insulation barrier between the wall and the radiator.
  2. The relective side of the panels reflects the heat back into the radiator so the water returns to the boiler hotter which triggers less often.
  3. The panels have a special saw-tooth design which causes the warm air to spin out into the room, reducing the heat-up time and virtually eliminating cold spots.

In summary, for a modest investment in cash and time you can achieve heat efficiency and greater comfort.


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