Multi Mouse & Rat Trap

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Humane Mouse & Rat Trap High Quality Flip and Slide Bucket Catcher

EASY TO USE! Just snap it on a standard-sized 5 gallon bucket mouse trap and blow up the captured mice and rats.

This Humane mouse trap that no longer needs to handle dirty mice with glue or rat trap.

Now just release/handle the mouse without getting close to chaos.

MOUSE TRAP BUCKET: The flip and slide mouse trap can automatically reset and retain more than 30 mice and 10+ medium-sized mice.

The bucket lid mouse trap is designed to be used as a Humane mouse trap catch and release method, but you can choose to fill the bucket with water to make the mouse trap bucket deadly.

Unlike traditional rat trap, which can only capture 1 or 2, you don’t need to clean up any mess afterward.

AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS: This kind of mouse trap bucket can be used as mouse and rat trap, outdoor, in the garden, in animal farms as Cows, goats, sheep’s, chickens and any other animal farms, warehouses, restaurants, café…

SAFE AND FRIENDLY:  Stop buying traditional rat and mouse traps because they can harm your household pets and even more seriously harm your children. Our mouse trap bucket 100% safe and non-toxic, please rest assured to use flip and slide mouse trap.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND DEADLY: Our bucket mouse trap is not a disposable product. You can reuse it without having to throw it away.

The bucket is not included! You can use any type of bucket you have.


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