Garden mat anticat fence

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Garden fence animal can Anti- network mat can protect your garden, flower bed, flower pot, vegetable garden, flower pot, courtyard, etc. Prevent animal problems, such as digging, skin, etc.

Also you can put it on your sofa, car and other indoor and outdoor  and can also be wrapped on a pole or tree to prevent animals from climbing. The top/bottom/side have interfaces, this mat with spikes can be freely cut and spliced as needed. This deterrent device is applicable anywhere and can be used for either indoor or outdoor use.

Easy to measure and cut the mat.

Easy to use,  just place in a specific area and go.

Cat Scat Mat Anti Cat Repellents Mat Deterrent Spike Mat Prickle Strip Dig Stop

1. High-quality material: The cushion is made of high-quality plastic, which can be bent freely, and will not cause aging damage when used outdoors, and is suitable for any environment.
2. Easy to use: The mat can be easily combined into any shape or cut as needed to fit any space you need; it can also be wrapped in telegraph poles or trees to prevent animals from climbing.
3. Safe to use: It does not contain any chemicals or toxins. Although cats may feel uncomfortable stepping on the mat, they will not be injured at all.
4. Practical: The mat can prevent cats, dogs, cats and other pets from digging into your garden and potted plants. Isolate the cat’s activity area to drive the cat away.
5. Widely applicable: suitable for gardens, flower pots, tree trunks, etc.
The cat litter pad is made of safe, non-toxic and high-quality environmentally friendly materials.
Flexible and durable: Avoid cats, dogs and other animals destroying vegetables, plants, etc.
(Only the pad in the picture does not include other accessories.)

Type: cat pad
Color: black
Material: PP Plastic
Quantity: 1 PC

NOTE: when received, it is curled, a good idea to put heavy objects on it for a period of time to flatness.

The height of the humane plastic will be tall enough to keep cats from wherever you such as balcony, roof, kitchen and other to protect your .

This mat is the perfect solution to pet problems; it will prevent them from being in unwanted and specific areas.

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