Waterproof Electronic Bird Repeller [CLONE]

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Waterproof Electronic Bird Repeller

Multiple sounds of birds in danger and Gun Shots

New model WATERPROOF ultrasonic bird repeller.

The intelligent voice bird expeller is mainly used for expelling birds in fields and orchards.

The core of the device is low-energy consumption microcomputer.

Applying the latest digital voice storage technology

Integrating multiple sounds of natural enemies of birds and Multiple Gun Shots.

Bird sounds can be played in three random ways including random play sequence, random play intervals and random play frequency.

Excellent sound quality and loudness, that can effectively prevent the birds from adapting to the sounds and truly achieve man-free automatic voice bird expelling.

Working voltage: 220V (with adaptor), or externally connected to DC12V storage battery.

Weight: 580g Working temperature: -10°C- +60°C.

Size: 17*12*6.5cm Relative humidity: 95%(no condensation).

Audio: dual-channel high frequency amplifier output 40-12KHZ.


Audio: dual-channel high frequency amplifier output 40-12KHZ.

Is not included the Power adapter which is 10 euro.


Coverage: These specifications are claimed from the manufacturer: 7-50 mu ( 4.660-23.000 square meters, per configuration requirement).

List of equipment: 1 host machine, 1 storage battery cable, 1 DC12V power adaptor, 2 amplifiers, 1 voice card, 1 set of fixtures.

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