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Does your dog bark too much OR your neighbor's dog barks too much?

Here is the solution to excessive barking, even if it's coming from someone else's dogs. This decorative electronic bark control device is really an effective device to stop nuisance barking.

The durable bark control device system can be installed on the wall outside or inside anywhere at your home.

This, results in a safe high pitch ultrasonic sound that is audible to dogs, but not to humans. The offending dog hears the sound and will stop barking.

Since it is unpleasant to the dogs, which make them learn to stop barking.

Designed specifically for outdoor using, this bark control device is durable and waterproof. You can choose from 4 sensitivity levels (Activated at 6.5, 16, 32 or 50 feet) as well as the adjustable frequency. The bark control device is rechargeable with an average battery life for 30days after each fully charged. 

Excessive barking can cause a real strain on your relationship, the bark control device controls outside barking and no collar is needed at all. 


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