Dead Crow Decoy

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Decoy of dead crow

This Crow Decoy is a good way to scare unwanted birds. The birds will believe that this crow is dead and the enviroment around is hostile. 

If you hanged it upside down it will make crows and  other birds that there is a bad place to say around and will go away!
Hanged right side up it will scare off smaller birds as sparrows, pigeons...

Is used real feathers and it looks real.
It is the same size as the real Crow.
Includes two strings to hang it as is or upside down
It can be used with other devices with scary sounds!


• Effective against both large birds (crows and ravens) and small birds (pigeons, starlings, sparrows). They all believe that there is Danger!

• Easy to use! You just hang it!  It will start working instantly to scare other birds.
• No need electricity or batteries
• Portable! You can take it if you are camping
• No noise or chemicals. Effective without killing the birds

Keep away  ravens, crows and other smaller birds from different places.

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