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Electronic Bug Detector will help you find any installed spy hidden spy devices like spy camera or a hidden microphone. They are extremely useful for deploying in critical areas. Theses electronic bug detector comes in different types and size, some are even smaller than a penny coin. Some vendors called them spy finder. Most of them are quite capable of detecting CCTV cameras, didital auto - focus cameras and camcorders apart from detecting any radio / HF / UHF /LF  transmitter. The small size of electronic bug detector make them popular and portable. I would like to share a story with you guys, I just came across while wasting my time on the internet, that how electronic bug detector helped the victim of a spy camera.

In July 2002 an Ohio man staying in Knoxville at a major hotel chain found a hidden camera in a bathroom light fixture. He discovered the small video camera after noticing a tiny black spot. He thought it was an insect, but it turned out to be a hole in the fixture that concealed a video camera. Similarly Guilty verdicts in 16 electronic eavesdropping cases were returned in Lenawee County Circuit Court against the owner of a tanning salon.