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Except being an alarm, you can use it in balconies or other places to reppel birds!

Police say a barking dog is an excellent way to deter burglars and this one never needs food, water or to be taken for a walk.

Provides 24 hour “protection”.

The Electronic Secure Dog is the ideal watchdog because he does what even the best living, breathing watchdog can't do (without some of the annoying problems that go with owning a dog).

When an intruder enters the area of protection, it automatically begins barking like an angry dog.

From outside, it sounds like you have a very unfriendly dog inside With his electronic radar eyes, the Electronic Secure Dog can "see" through thick doors, walls and glass. And once his cord is plugged in, he'll stay on duty around the clock, indefinitely.

The Electronic Secure Dog can protect homes, apartments, mobile homes, RV's, jewelry stores, hotels, Offices, factories, warehouses, public and private buildings of virtually every kind.

Secure dog's can detect through any medium such as: wood, cement, brick walls 18cm thick, glass, paper, cardboard, curtains, e.t.c.

When a thief or intruder comes close of the secure dog, it will automatically bark (Woof! Woof! Woof!) Imitating a genuine vicious dog. It is a very effective security alarm, which will immediately scare away any unwanted visitors.


Alarm volume

Adjustable from 70 to max 120 dB(A)

Reach of the radar sensor

Max 9-16 m detected from rear

Detection angle360°

Consumption≤ 6 W

Operating voltage12VDC

Operating power 1A

Power when on standby ≤ 20 mA

Power when in use ≤ 500 mA

Dimensions 150 mm (H)*160 mm (W)*110 mm (D)

Net weight 765 g

Gross weight 790 g

Temperature / humidity-20°C-60°C / 20%-85%

* Reliable 24-hour protection

* No Installation required

* Protection with none of the problems of owning a Real dog.

* Very realistic--barking gets louder and more frequent as intruder gets closer.

* Police Alarm (Very Loud).

* Adjustable Volume and distance.

* Also comes with a Doorbell/alarm sound for other purposes.

* Senses movement through walls, doors, and glass to alert you of a visitor's arrival.

* Maintenance free.

Some people just can’t afford a high-tech home security system. Enter the Secure Dog, a barking dog alarm.

Using microwave technology, the Secure Dog is able to detect presence through thick walls and doors.

Choose any location indoors where you want to detect movement such as hidden behind the front door. Turn the watch dog on and he begins detecting. When movement is detected, Secure Dog will alert you with the sounds you have chosen. When in barking dog mode, the electronic watch dog begins to emit the ferocious barking sounds of a large, unhappy attack dog. The closer the intruder gets, the louder and more frequent the barking becomes. As the intruder backs off, the barking decreases in intensity and frequency, stopping completely when movement is out of range.

Secure Dog is the electronic watchdog that never sleeps! He will bark angrily as an intruder approaches or play soothing sounds of the rain forest to alert you to a visitor! Choose from four settings: continual tranquil sounds of the rain forest, alert sound of an angry and protective watchdog, soothing sounds to alert you of a guest's arrival, and alert sounds of both the angry watchdog and a warning siren.

Once a person reaches within 20 feet, the Secure Dog will emit a realistic barking sound reminiscence of a German Shepard. The closer the intruder gets, the louder the bark.

The further away they get, the Secure Dog will “bark” less frequent and more quieter. You can, of course, easily change the distance sensitivity.

However, if you wish to turn off the barking sound, you may do so with the press of a button. It’ll go from barking sounds to more ‘tranquil’ sounds of a rain forest in a flash.

What is a Fake Dog Barking Alarm? 

The first question we should answer is: What is a fake wireless dog barking alarm? It is a wireless alarm that is placed near the entrances of homes. It is a motion detector that, when activated, sets off an alarm that sounds like a barking dog. The alarm uses a type of motion sensing that can sense movement through doors and walls: either a microwave sensor or a combined motion sensor. The microwave sensors are best for this alarm since it sends out pulses of microwave energy (non-radioactive) that can pass through non-metal surfaces. This helps it to see movement outside even when the sensor is placed inside the home. 

Why Dogs are Effective for Security 

The fake dog barking alarm is effective because real dogs are effective. The fake alarm is meant to take the place of a real dog (which is one of the best forms of security) and scare off an intruder. So, why are dogs effective in preventing crime? Dogs, especially certain breeds of dogs, can be protective, and aggressive. Burglars know that if they see an aggressive dog, it could injure them and result in their arrest, with no penalty to the dog owners since the burglar broke into the home with the intent to commit a crime. Because of that, 95% of burglars say that a large security dog will deter them from robbing that specific house, and they will move on to a home with less of an obstacle. However, it isn’t the dog itself that always deters the intruder. In some cases, it’s the sounds that dogs make.

Houses with dogs are significantly less likely to be robbed than houses without dogs. In some cases, dogs can be even more effective than a security system. However, there are many reasons why a home isn’t able to have a dog on the property. Dogs require a lot of maintenance, training, guidance, and are expensive to care for. In addition, they have to be trained to have a protective, but not deadly, aggression towards strangers. You have to socialize the dog away from your property with people and other dogs so the dog understands where it can be aggressive and where it can’t. If the dog isn’t trained properly, you can be sued for the dog’s behavior. 

In addition, others might not want a dog because of allergies, general dislike for house pets, or because of the mess and responsibility that comes along with having a dog. That’s why many people might turn to get a fake wireless dog barking alarm system for security instead.


This device may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others. In no way will SECURE TECH or its subsidiaries or partners be held responsible for inappropriate use of these products.





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