Real Feathered Dead Seagull

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Real Feathered Dead Seagull

There are ropes on the head and tail. You can choose to hang him where you want. It’s fully simulated the pose of the dead seagull. Its effect has also been proven not only for seagulls, but also for some sea birds that are afraid of seagulls.

Our Dead seagull simulator, is a full feathered realistic decoy of a dead gull in the classic "death pose"! The Dead Seagull Decoy prevents the real gulls to damage your property.

Note! The results are better when used in combination with other bird & Boat deterrents!

Use it to keep gulls away other seagulls from fields, landfills, boats, yachts, rooftops, beach front homes, pools and other properties.

 20" Tall Realistic looking gull- scares seagulls & gulls away!

Deter aggressive seagulls & gulls by creating fear that there is a real predator in the area. This full-feathered, life-like, exact size replica appears like a dead gull in a death pose to live birds, driving them away from boats, sailboats, buildings, landfills, docks, marinas.

Position the Dead Gull Decoy at the infested / roosting area -including boats, rooftop or other flat areas. Two gulls are better than one - place one dead gull decoy face down and the other feet up. The dead gull decoy can also be displayed using the Swivel Bracket Kit.

This will signal danger to other birds. Keep the gulls guessing - move the Dead seagull decoy randomly every day or two. Initially, birds approach the decoy but usually leave when they see the unnatural position of the 'corpse'.

Important note! No single product can do the job 100%! A combination of Bird deterrents must be used with repeated reinforcement as necessary.

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